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Jaguar's Random Journal

So many shiny icons and screen captures to share!

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Well I originally started this page just as a place to share my random icons and occasionally my random thoughts but its actually emerged into something abit more complex lately.I haven't had much time to be creative about making icons but that hasn't stopped me from grabbing screen captures to use in them. And then it occured to me...why not share my supplies of screen captures for folks who aren't able to make their own? Then I get even more shiny icons to admire and perhaps even some very creative goodies as well!

Ok so now the rules!

Screen Capture Rules:

1. All screen captures are unmodified by yours truly. Which means they can be too dark, too light, blurry, shadowy, crazy shots of some guys foot or random shots of a ceiling. I do scan for obvious bad ones but honestly unless it leaps out at me then I pretty much leave them as is. So be prepared to do your own altering.

2. Screen captures can be used for anything, anywhere. So do what you want with them and have all kinds of fun.

3. I don't own any of these shows so I don't need any credit for screen capturing them. I do however like comments so if you wanna say thanks or share what you've been working on I welcome seeing stuff like that.

4. Yes you can post links to my links or links to my files, I don't mind at all.

5. Yes I do take requests so feel free to drop me a message or a comment asking me to grab a certain series. Or you can post over at animescreencaps; I try to do as many requests as I can over there. Though I admit you have to be patient. I do a ton of these and I do work for a living! However if its a anime you see in my above interests chances are I can do them faster than if you don't see them there. It's all a matter of how quick I can find DVD encodes or RAWs for the show.

6. Sorry I do not give lessons no how to do your own screen captures, nor do I offer any kind of technical advice. The best I can tell you is I use VideoLAN (VLC) to do my screen captures and I try to do them from burned encodes from DVD or from random RAW providers on the internet. No I do not keep these once I've finished screen capping them so no asking for downloads. Oh and some of my earlier captures were done using a ATI device that sometimes changes the aspect of the captures so if you notice something like that. Just alter the aspect to square in whatever image program you're using and it'll be back to normal.

7. I post my collections in .RAR format not ZIP unless specifically asked by the one person I was requested to do the captures for. So that means if I'm just sharing captures I've done for myself I will not re-post the whole set in ZIP. I promise it'll take you less time to download WinRAR and open my files than to ask me to re-post them and wait for me to respond, so don't bother.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Icon Rules:

1. All images are created by me on Photoshop CS2 from screen captures or scans done by me. So no stealing credit allowed.

2. I do not need credit but it is appreciated. ^^ And of course comments are completely lovely things to see.

3. I'm not really good at requests in this regard, nor for banners or the like. Most images I make are completely random moments that I come up with while playing around in Photoshop.

4. You're more than welcome to alter any of the blank icons. I don't mind a bit. ^^

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to post them to me and I'll happily reply as soon as I'm able! Oh and if you're interested in just one aspect of my site like the captures or the icons I do have two communities you can find on my links that you can join to watch just those updates!